Hospitality Team

When Jesus gave His life on the cross, and when He walked out of His tomb, He did more than just save us from sin and death. He also gave us the wonderful gift of abundant life, with Him and with each other. He invited us to join Him at God's table, not as "guests" but as dearly loved children. He made it possible for us, in all of our diversity and our imperfection, to belong. At its heart, the Gospel is a story of hospitality.

At Broad River Community Church, the Hospitality Team strives to follow that example by inviting others to join our community. As our pastor Matt once said, our goal is to invite outsiders to become insiders.

We show hospitality in a number of ways. Whether it's greeting visitors on Sunday mornings, or helping someone unload a moving truck, or cooking dinners and breaking bread with new families in our town, our goal is to let people know they're welcome here, at God's table and in our community. The word "community" in our church name is on purpose. We want to know one another, to build meaningful relationships, and to learn to do Kingdom life together. Like any great process, our life together gets better with time, effort, vulnerability and trust. But whether you're a lifelong believer, or someone for whom God's love is a totally new revelation, that process starts with an act of hospitality.

So welcome, not just to our service but to our corporate life together at BRCC. We're glad you're here.