The children's ministry at BRCC seeks to support parents in teaching their children about the love and life of God. The lessons are oriented towards Christlikeness and Spirit-mindedness, as our children are beginning a long obedience in these directions. This obedience is childlike and good; it is beneficial and holy. Children are active participants and well-loved members of the kingdom of God.

On any given morning you will hear singing and an age-specific lesson. You'll have time to be hospitable and play. You'll have a prayer time and a snack time. These are the regular routines of a Sunday morning in the library of the YMCA. As a volunteer, you are invited to take part in and have ownership over these regular patterns. First, and most importantly, we want you to be a believer who actively and intentionally cares about the spiritual development of our church's children. You don't need to be a master of management or the iron fist of discipline--we just need you to care. Show up at 10:15 and stay until about 12:15 on a Sunday morning every 6-8 weeks. We work hard to preserve the time you have in the regular church service because we want spiritually mature and maturing people to serve with our children. As a volunteer, you will be asked to solve problems, read stories, play games, distribute snacks, sing loudly, dance a bit, and talk with the children.

Some of you will be asked to teach. These individuals will take on more of the happy burden of management and discipline. They will teach with sensitivity and with the heart of a nurturer. They lead the other volunteers on a morning and are quick to nicely say, "Hey, do that!"

In addition to these people, we have some other areas where people serve. If you volunteer in the nursery, you will spend most of the morning crawling around with some awesome toddlers and changing some stinky "Good Morning" diapers. Some people lead a music time with the children. Some people buy snacks and maintain the inventory. Basically, if you are willing and wanting, we have a place for you to serve and we'd love you to partner with us.

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